Wedding Update

For those of you who didn’t already know, one year ago today, whilst on a long weekend in Paris, Kristian asked me to marry him & of course I said yes! It’s been one whole year now that we’ve been engaged & for about 9 months of that we've been working either in Miami or now onboard the cruise ship so wedding planning has recently taken a back step because of our schedule but now it’s all settled & we’re in a more normal routine, wedding planning is beginning to start back up again so I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to give you a wedding planning update. We still have just over 2 years until the big day, but as i’ve already experienced, you have to get things booked well in advance.


We only had one day of viewing wedding venues which some may say isn’t enough time as you need to see all the options but we didn’t feel as though we needed too. With me being from Yorkshire & Kristian from Wales, we wanted to find somewhere in the middle so one family didn’t have to travel further than the other so we ended up spending the day travelling around Birmingham from 7am until about 4pm going from venue to venue as Birmingham is pretty much in the middle of both families. We visited 3 different venues that day, all very different & we ended up settling on the very first one we saw. We want to keep the venue a secret just that little bit longer, the only people who know where it is are the people who’ve received their Save the Date cards & a small amount of others. But by the end of our venue searching day I think we pretty much knew what to do. It isn’t what we originally wanted & is probably a little bit less aesthetically pleasing than one other we saw, but it has so much more to offer & is such a beautiful blank canvas for us to style & decorate. It has two separate rooms, one for the ceremony & one for the wedding breakfast which we both love & in both these rooms there are glass balconys looking over the rooms. Along with these there is a big open foyer area leading out onto a big outer balcony that looks over the water & garden of the venue. We understand that weddings can be quite stressful so we wanted to make sure our guests would feel relaxed & at home if you like, on our big day, & we feel the venue gives off just this. It is a very modern yet classy venue but also has a very relaxed & calming vibe about it.

But the part of the venue that got us hooked was the accommodation. Underneath the venue itself is a whole other floor full of bedrooms, a lounge area, a mini restaurant/cafe area for our overnight guests to enjoy breakfast the morning after, a dressing room for myself & my bridesmaids & a honeymoon suite (which has a bath may I add!) for Kristian & I. When we realised they had this to offer, we knew it was the right place for us.

I will reveal the venue that little bit closer to the day!

Colour scheme

We originally wanted to get married in May of 2020, but the dates we wanted weren’t available, so we completely changed our minds & are now getting married in the October so it will be more of an autumnal wedding which is fine by me as Autumn is probably my favourite season of the year!

When i’ve been looking on pinterest for autumn wedding inspiration, the majority of the photo’s I see are burnt oranges, woody browns etc which do look beautiful but not what I was wanting to go for. Even though it is Autumn, I still want the venue to look as bright as it can, especially because the main walls in the rooms are glass that look out over the beautiful scenery at the back of the venue. So we want to keep the colours quite neutral with a few dashes of deeper tones & of course, a little foliage. I’m also playing with the idea of fairy lights & candles, as come 4pm it’ll start to become dusky & I think having these little touches will make the venue look that little bit more magical


I can’t believe I found it so early, but i’ve got my dress! It was a very last minute decision my Mum & I made just before I went away. We just thought we’d go to try some styles & get a feel for what I liked but never intended on leaving with the dress bought! I tried on about 11 dresses & it was the 9th dress I put on that made my Mum & I burst into tears. It wasn’t the style I thought i’d go for which is why I urge any brides to be to try on every style as the style I thought i’d go for, didn’t really suit me as much as i’d hoped. What shocked me though, was how calm I felt when I was stood there in the dress. Yes there were tears, but after watching shows such as Say Yes To The Dress, I though’t i’d be a complete mess but I actually felt quite the opposite. I felt very calm, very settled & could see myself waking down the isle to meet Kristian. But like they say, when you know, you know.

The bridal shop I bought it from don’t allow their brides to take photos of them in the dress they’ve gone for as they say it helps keep the excitement when you go for your next fitting & with now around 4 months to until I can see my dress & try it on again, i’ve got major butterflies but know I will fall in love with it again! I do also think this is a great policy to have as I know I would have been looking at my dress everyday & driving myself insane doing so!


We found searching for a photographer so much fun! I’ve always been interested in photography so I found it fascinating to see the different styles of all these incredibly talented photographers. But the one thing we knew we wanted, was natural photographs. At the moment, all over Instagram, you see all these wonderfully edited photos, but you just know that isn’t the person in their natural state. There’s a little airbrush here, a filter there, removing a fine line there, but we knew that we wanted our wedding photo’s to be as bright, pure & natural as possible. So we’ve ended up booking the incredibly talented Danielle Smith who’s photographs are just exactly what I wanted. So elegant & pure, & she catches those special moments just flawlessly.

I can already tell she’s going to be a dream to work with because of the small but so personal way she’s put this little package together with tips & other little extras that I may need or want to know for the wedding, so i’m extremely excited & feel so lucky to have her photographing our special day.


Having a videographer was something I was on the fence about having, but after speaking with many people about it including my parents, they say that we won’t regret having a videographer. Being able to watch our special day back, & being able to show it to our children, then our grandchildren fills us with so much happiness. We’ve gone with a couple called Jolly Good Wedding Videos who’s videos are just incredible. They do a short 3 minute highlights video along with a 20 minute video of the full day. I’m already dreaming of the shots they'll be able to get up on the balcony in the venue!

Bridal Party

Usually when you see the bridesmaids, it’s usually the brides group of closest friends. Now a group of closest friends i’ve never had, my closest friends are all from different areas of my life & not all in one group. So i’ve got my sister as my Maid of Honour, then Kristian’s sister & my 3 closest friends to be my bridesmaids. I feel very lucky to have had such an easy decision with who to ask to be by my side on the most special day of my life. I just knew that by having these five wonderful women by my side on this day, it will go perfectly & will be the most beautiful bridal party there ever was.

So this is where we’re up too right now, I feel although we’re in a very good place & we’re very excited to get back planning!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this & if you’re a bride to be too, please comment below with how your wedding plans are going!

Have a wonderful day!