My Very Own Miracle Morning

After reading & being inspired by Hal Elrod’s ‘The Miracle Morning’, of which he talks about the 6 daily habits you should perform before 8am, I decided to look into my own morning & see how my morning routine sets me up for success.

I have always been a morning person, both my Dad & I are the early birds who catch the worms.

Morning is my favourite time of day. It’s the calm before the storm. It’s the time to just focus on yourself & do what you need to do to set yourself up for the day. After renting rooms in houses & living in small rooms on cruise ships, I cannot wait for the day I get to wake up in my own home, surrounded by all of my things & have my little structured miracle morning routine.

First things first, freshening up. I pride myself in being able to jump out of bed every morning as soon as my alarm goes off. I take myself into the bathroom straight away, splash my face with cold water, brush my teeth & then moisturise. This instantly wakes me up, as soon as the cold water hits my face, I feel myself waking up.

I then head back into the bedroom & get dressed into my active wear before heading up for breakfast. I’m not one of those people who can workout on an empty tummy, I have to have eaten something no matter how big or small. I also make sure I have two glasses of water, one with lemon & one just plain. Hydration is so important & something I am still trying to work on as I don’t drink enough water for how active my life is. The lemon is also a good detoxifier for the body & is super refreshing first thing in a morning.

I then head off to the gym for my morning workout. When i’m in London, my fiancé & I love to hit up an Orange Theory session which is filled with cardio, weights & body weighted exercises, but at the moment, I love starting my day with some form of yoga. Whether it be a power yoga or a vinyasa flow, doing yoga at the start of my day has really helped settle my mind & has done wonders for my body. With performing, my body is put under a lot of stress so it’s lovely to start my day with a challenging yet gentle workout.

After my workout, I take myself off to the steam room where I spend 15 minutes, focusing on my breath & trying to not think too much about anything & just letting my mind wander. I suppose this is my own form of meditation. I feel like meditation will always be an ongoing learning experience for me as I find sitting still to be quite difficult but again, by doing this I feel less anxious throughout the day. Our lives are always so busy & with all the people on cruise ships & the constant announcements & noise, it’s so nice to just have this time to be as peaceful as I can.

Finally, I then take myself back down to the room to shower & get dressed for the day. When we don't have a show to do onboard & we have the day to do as we please, I try to make an effort with what I look like & wear as I feel much more motivated when i’m dressed properly rather than in my sweats. I like to give my hair a blow-dry, lather my body in moisturiser, apply a little bit of make up & throw on some active wear as this just makes me feel that little bit better.

So there you have the 5 things I like to do to set myself up for the day, all of which help me stay focused & motivated.

Comment below one thing that truly helps you feel ready to conquer your day, i’d love to know!

Have a wonderful day!