Long Haul Flight Tips & Essentials

Over the past few years, i've done my fair share of long haul flights & have now gotten myself into a lovely little routine for those 8+ hours you're up in the air for, to make long haul flights that little bit more manageable, especially when you're travelling in economy.

So first things first, try not to travel in makeup. I know it my make you feel great for that first hour or so, but once you've been on the plane for a few hours, you won't feel quite so great. With the air conditioning etc, our skin starts to become dry & dehydrated. So if you can't quite brave the airport being bare faced, take some make up wipes with you so you can take your make up off as soon as you're up in the air.

Which gets me onto my inflight beauty routine. This has taken some trial & error, I used to take a million & one travel sized products but i've now found the perfect amount for what I need.

The only make up I wear when travelling is mascara, I fill in my eyebrows, a little bit of concealer & blusher so there is never that much to take off. But I firstly use my Simple make up wipes to remove the make-up, I then use my Simple Hydrating Gel to keep my face feeling fresh & I put the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream onto my lips. Once i've been up in the for a few hours, i'll use a face mask (yes, I am that person who sits on the plane with a face mask on). I'm not too fussy on face masks as long as it will soothe my skin & help keep my face hydrated whilst on the plane. Simple have a great range off ace masks along with the Sephora masks. The last think i'll do is an hour or so before we land, i'll use a face oil over my face & then lock it in with a light moisturiser.

(I always carry a hand sanitiser with me too. Anything to prevent airplane germs getting onto my skin.)

Economy can get quite busy & stressful at times, so if you're a nervous flyer, I suggest you invest in a lavender or eucalyptus balm that you can rub into your temples & onto your wrists as this can help calm any nerves. I'm not a nervous flyer but every so often can feel a little bit anxious so I apply my lavender balm from Holland & Barrett onto these areas & i've found the scent to be calming. I'd also suggest to make sure you have your headphones & either download music you know will keel you relaxed or download a meditation app so when you fee yourself starting to become a little bit anxious, you can put your headphones in & tune everything out & focus on your breathing. The apps I use are Headspace & Calm.

Always, always always travel in comfortable clothing when you're going long haul. I always wear super comfortable bottoms & a snuggle jumper. And unless you've upgraded for some extra legroom, especially for those taller people among us, our legs can sometime because uncomfortable due to swelling so I always wear my compression socks. As soon as I get onboard I take my shoes off & pop the on.

I also don't really sleep on planes but I do like to just close my eyes & drift in & out of sleep so I always keep an eye mask in my hand luggage The only i'm currently using is from Kiehls which is silk on the inside that's kinder to the eye & a cotton material on the outside.

Lastly, try to get the idea out of your head that because you're on a long haul flight you can drink as much alcohol as you want, eat all the food they supply for you & not move from your seat apart from going to the bathroom, still take good care of yourself. Try to drink as much water as you can, I take my Swell bottle onboard with me & I try to drink one of those every 1-2 hours along as the air hostess doesn't mind filling it up & I also take my own snacks with me as I don't really like airplane food & it really isn't that great for you. So I take dried fruit, breakfast bars & nuts with me so I can keep my tummy full but i'm not filling it with badness. And finally, every 30 minutes or so, I like to move my body. If I have to go to the bathroom, I like to do 20 squats (it sounds daft I know) because that gets the blood flowing around my body, or i'll just stand in the aisle & do some lunges or ankle circles to keep the blood from pooling around my ankles which is how we get those lovely 'kankles'. Try not to sit for too long!

So there you have it, my tips on how to survive long haul flights.

I really hope this was helpful & if anyone has any other tips as i'm sure there's plenty more, please comment down below!